23 JAN - 30 JAN | 2022



23 JAN - 30 JAN | 2022



Baronian Xippas - Stephan Goldrajch - 04.02 > 03.04.2021


Baronian Xippas is pleased to present 'Porte-Bonheur' featuring a new series of works by Brussel-based artist Stephan Goldrajch.

Born in 1985 in Ramat Gan, Israel, he lives and works in Brussels. For his second exhibition at the gallery, Goldrajch presents crochet works on canvas. His artistic approach is embodied through different techniques (crochet, weaving, embroidery, sewing) and is based on the imperative of creating links and generating relationships. He likes to work with the uninitiated, with those who precisely do not play the game of art and who let themselves be seized by a mysterious experience. An experience that overturns roles and conventions: the beautiful, the ugly, the old, the young, the noble, the minor, etc. It usually starts from deficiencies and lacks in order to rewrite a story, to recast it and create an elsewhere.
 33 rue de la Concorde

04.02 - 03.04.2021

We look forward to welcoming you at the gallery this Thursday 4th of February, 6 - 9 pm, for the opening of John Phillip Abbott and Stephan Goldrajch' solo exhibitions.
Please be assured that we will take all the necessary measures to welcome you safely at the gallery.


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