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DIE GALERIE, Kim DU RYE I Colour Field Painting – 05.11.2020 > 20.01.2021


The work of the Korean painter KIM DU RYE is classical in the best sense of the word, characterized by a masterly approach to abstract composition.

She makes use of colour field painting, reminiscent of the American Abstract Expressionists, in a multitude of variations ranging from strict geometric structures to painterly dissolution. Her sometimes large-format canvases are completely free of spatial or associative intentions, and for this reason they do not bear any titles that would restrict the viewer's imagination. The real realm of KIM Du Rye, however, is obviously colour itself: it confers warmth, depth and emotion, tension or serenity, shimmering liveliness or contemplative calm to the paintings. Strong in expression, focused on the primary tones and generously spread over the entire surface of the picture, the colours in KIM Du Rye's paintings are ever-present and thus become a visual experience for the viewer.

With this first solo exhibition of KIM Du Rye's work in Europe, DIE GALERIE in Frankfurt am Main presents a contemporary artistic position of Korea, which unites West and East rather than distinguishing them, while at the same time having its very own character.

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