brafa brafa 100 Years of Dealing with Art

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Conversation with Francis Maere, Chairman of & art dealer and Olivier Theunissen, Vice-chairman of & art dealer, conducted by Sophie Clauwaert, PR for, formerly known as the ‘Royal Chamber of Antiques and Art Dealers of Belgium’, is celebrating its centennial anniversary this year. The new name stands for the ‘Royal Chamber of Art Dealers’. During this discussion, you will discover the events that shaped the association, hearing stories about some of the mythical objects that have passed through the hands of its members. Francis Maere, the Chairman of, and Olivier Theunissen, the Vice-chairman of, will also share their vision on the future of the art market. This centenary is the perfect moment not only to look back on the association’s 100 successful years within the art trade, but also to look forward and consider how the profession can best be supported and furthered in the future.

Languages: FR & NL