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New regulatory challenges for collectors

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A panel discussion with art-market experts led by Clinton Howell, Chairman of CINOA, the leading international confederation of associations of art and antiques dealers

The challenges facing today’s collectors are multiplying daily. New laws and restrictions are being created, allegedly to protect artworks – and us – from threats as disparate as bio-diversity, terrorism and cultural degradation. Although these aren't directly aimed at collectors, they will, without doubt, affect dealers – who aim of course to advise collectors to the best of their ability. Museums – cultural repositories of extraordinary importance – will also be affected by these new laws. This panel discussion addresses the repercussions of the emerging legislation that will restrict the circulation of art works and looks at its potential impact on collectors and the art market. Discover how you can help guide the creation of well-balanced rules and regulations that do not have a negative effect on collectors.

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In partnership with CINOA

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