Is structuring a collection really necessary?


Panel discussion led by Eric Hemeleers, Managing Director at Eeckman Art & Insurance. With the participation of Marc Van Moerkerke (collector), Cédric Liénart de Jeude (collector), Olivier Marian (collector - Arteïa), Adriano Picinati (Consultant - Deloitte Luxembourg) and Marc Hemeleers (Insurance - Eeckman Art & Insurance)

A collection of artworks or valuable objects often begins as the fruit of a passion, which, as it grows, can lead the collector to gather a large number of pieces. Not all collectors are aware of the responsibility attached to their ownership of such pieces of cultural heritage, either concerning their preservation or in terms of their detention and transmission in a constantly changing legal context. These changes, which demand increasing transparency, can oblige the collector to structure the management of their collection to avoid problems that either they or their legatees will have to face later down the line.

In partnership with Eeckman Art & Insurance
Languages: FR & NL
Photo Porfirius Kunstkammer © Lawrence Schoonbroodt 
Eric Hemeleers