The Ghent Floralies Show 2016 – a dynamic city festival


By Dirk De Cock, Director of the Ghent Floralies.

In spring 2016, the Ghent Flower Show will take on a new dynamic, interactive form, as an innovative urban festival. The unique, ten-day event has taken place since 1809 – before Belgium itself was created. This year, the show will take over the town. The Arts Quarter – the Bijloke site, the Léopold Barracks, the Place Saint-Pierre and the Citadelle Park – will be transformed into an immense floral and horticultural festival dedicated to Belgian and international floral art; country and town-inspired gardens; contemporary artistic projects and diverse exhibitions. Interaction, experimentation and contemporary trends will define this exceptional show that will envelope the town centre in flowers and greenery. Dirk De Cock will present the history of the prestigious event and give the audience a unique preview of the 2016 edition.  

Languages: NL / FR