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At the crossroads of AI and Art

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By Amid Faljaoui, Director of Trends-Tendances and a business columnist at RTBF in dialogue with Doctor Laurent Alexandre, Doctor of Medicine, surgeon, author of 'LA GUERRE DES INTELLIGENCES', Guy van Wassenhove, Curator of the Baillet Latour Fund, Professor Jacques Englebert, Lawyer specialising in media law, Professor ULB and Louis de Diesbach, Solvay Brussels School and ethics & philosophy, ULB, technical ethicist, author

A number of questions have arisen regarding the repercussions of Artificial Intelligence in the art world. Amid Faljaoui, the Director of Trends-Tendances and a business columnist at RTBF, will chair an open, no-holds-barred debate about the impact of AI on artists and the artistic field. Creativity vs. Algorithm: Can AI really rival human ingenuity when it comes to art? Are algorithmic creations genuine or mere sophisticated imitations? Copyright in the digital age: How can artistic works be protected in a world in which reproduction and distribution have become commonplace thanks to AI? Redefining Art: Is AI challenging our traditional understanding of Art? The experts brought together by Amid Faljaoui will provide unique answers and perspectives to these burning questions.

Language of the talk: French
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137