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Where does the authenticity of a work of art begin and end?

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By Eric Hemeleers, CEO Eeckman in dialogue with Marc Hemeleers, CEO Eeckman, Michel Draguet, High Commissioner for Federal Heritage, Nicolas Lemmens, Director Nicolas Lemmens Studio and Alain Berenboom, Lawyer

The authenticity of a work of art is a dynamic concept that evolves with time and perceptions. It encompasses both the artist's intention and the impact it has on the world around it. This authenticity begins with the creation of the work, when the artist imprints his or her personal vision and unique expression on the medium they have chosen. It manifests itself through the creative choices made, the technique used and the emotions conveyed by the work. But the process doesn't stop there. It continues through the history of the work, including its documentation, provenance and evidence of its existence and attribution. Authenticity is also closely linked to the interpretation and perception of the work by the public, as each observer may feel and interpret art in a different way. In this round table, we will explore these various aspects of authenticity, calling on experts in the field.

Language of the talk: French
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137

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