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Patronage for heritage preservation and social entrepreneurship - Pasfoundation

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By Ann Van Laere - Notary & Chairman Pasfoundation and Mathi Gijbels - Chairman Gijbels Groep & Partner Pasfoundation

The King Baudouin Foundation has a generous interest in art and heritage, as do major patrons such as Thomas Neirynck. As part of Pasfoundation, a growing number of entrepreneurs are joining forces to purchase and preserve the works of Belgian artists as an exceptional heritage for future generations. In this way, entrepreneurs are acting together as patrons of the arts, and 'giving to safeguard Belgian art' has become a special form of social entrepreneurship. During this Art Talk, Ann Van Laere, notary and president of Pasfoundation, will engage in a dialogue with Mathi Gijbels, an entrepreneur with a passion for art who sees Pasfoundation as building a bridge to sustainable art conservation, whilst simultaneously creating a link with the business world. The president, Ann Van Laere, will also describe the workings of the King Baudouin Foundation, into which ‘the example of Thomas Neirynck’ fits perfectly.  The idea is that heritage can also shine outside museums. A story by and for art-loving entrepreneurs!

Language of the talk: Dutch
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°137

In partnership with PASFOUNDATION, Private Art Support