Carbon-14 dating in art - From fake objects to false assumptions


By Emmanuel Vartanian, physicist, and Céline Roque, art historian, Re.S.Artes Laboratory (A Scientific Approach to Art and Cultural Heritage) – Bordeaux.

Over the last few decades, carbon-14 dating has regularly been used to authenticate art objects, and has proved its worth as a tool for identifying fakes made from modern materials.  

Faced with the constant refinement of forgery techniques however, this method has its limitations, and a constant dialogue has to be kept up between scientists and art-world experts.  

Following questions posed by certain problematic objects, some erroneous ideas began to circulate, and a number of false underlying assumptions came to light. Emmanuel Vartanian and Céline Roque will confront these with scientific fact and unveil some new advances that enable them to be overcome.

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