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Aller-Retour. Dutch artists in Paris 1789-1914

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By Mayken Jonkman, Senior Curator of Nineteenth-Century Art at the RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History)

Mayken Jonkman, LLM, MA will take you on a journey to the nineteenth century in Paris. The city was home to a great number of art academies, exhibition venues and experienced art dealers. In a word, it was a paradise for artists looking for success. They travelled to Paris from all corners of the world, hoping to achieve a name for themselves and the immortality of their art. Yet this was no easy feat: however talented an artist may have been, more was required to make it big in Paris. Mayken Jonkman will provide an insight into the strategies of Dutch artists on their eventful path to Parisian success.

Talk given in: English
Join us at 4pm at the stand King Baudouin Foundation n°131

Dr. Mayken Jonkman is a Senior Curator of Nineteenth-Century Art at the RKD – the Netherlands Institute for Art History. She studied art history at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in nineteenth-century Dutch art in an international context. She also studied law at the University of Utrecht, writing her masters’ thesis on the use of copyright laws and museum practices. She has published works on wide-ranging subjects such as nineteenth-century collectors, art dealers, the image of the artist and studio practices. She is currently writing her PhD on Dutch artists who travelled to Paris in the nineteenth century, which she aims to finalise in the spring of 2023. Together with Rachel Esner (University of Amsterdam), Jenny Reynaerts (Rijksmuseum) and Beatrice von Bormann (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam), Mayken is one of the initiators of the project entitled The Other Half. Women in the Dutch art world 1780-1980.