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Peggy Guggenheim, a passion for collections

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By Amélie d’Arschot, Lecturer and author

To evoke the more than tumultuous life of Peggy Guggenheim is to rekindle the greatest artistic movements of the 20th century. She who said she saw no difference between Abstract Art and Surrealism became a true ‘art addict’, collecting frenetically but with a sure hand. She first opened the gallery ‘Guggenheim Jeune’ in London, then in New York, where she emigrated when the Second World War broke out. Jean Cocteau, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst… so many talented artists were her friends and sometimes more. She was also the one to launch American artists to the forefront of the international art scene. Her sublime palace museum in Venice is a testament to her talent as a collector and patron.

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Amélie d’Arschot - photo by José Noel Doumont