Serge Schoffel was in close contact with the most significant tribal artworks from a young age, and in the early 1990s he made numerous collecting trips to remote areas of the Philippines and Indonesia. On his return, he studied anthropology at the University of Paris VIII Vincennes. Enriched by these experiences combined with the work he had done as a tribal art dealer since 1986, he opened his own gallery in 2003 in Brussels where he focuses on quality, provenance and rarity. He is a member of the Belgian Chamber of Art Experts and of the Royal Chamber of Antiques and Art Dealers of Belgium and he has also curated exhibitions such as Whispering Woods, the Great Lobi Staturary in 2016 and Finality Without End in 2017, and has compiled and published many books and catalogues including: ‘Bâtons Choco’ in 2012, ‘Masques Bété’ in 2013, ‘Vodoun Fon’ in 2014, ‘Joseph Henrion – Sculptures’ in 2015 ‘Art en Premier’ in 2016, ‘Whispering Woods’ in 2016, ‘Art en Premier-2’ in 2017, and ‘Finality Without End’ in 2017.

BRAFA - Brussels, BRUNEAF - Brussels, New York Tribal Art Show, San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show - Caskey Lees, SCULPTURE HIGHLIGHTS. MAASTRICHT,