Erotic Kylix  -
Erotic Kylix

Janus-form Herm of Apollo and Dionysus as a child -
Janus-form Herm of Apollo and Dionysus as a child

Statue of the Goddess Athena -
Statue of the Goddess Athena


The J. Bagot Arqueología Ancient Art Gallery was established in 2005 by Jaume Bagot and is located in the heart of Barcelona. It specializes in works of art from the Etruscan, Greek, Roman and Egyptian civilizations, but also presents works of art from Mesopotamia, the Middle East, Gandhara and from various Pre-Columbian cultures. Authenticity and provenance are vital to the gallery, which participates annually in numerous art fairs and prides itself on providing objects of the highest quality to collectors and museums. Researching the history and origin of objects is J. Bagot’s passion, and in recent years he has acquired pieces from the collections of Pierre Verité, Barbier-Mueller, Gaston Maspero, O. Sardà, the Spanish painter Ignacio Zuloaga and R.G. Wagner in order to pass them on to a new generation of art lovers.

Founded : 2005

C.I.N.O.A. (Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres d'Art), F.E.A. (Federación Española de Anticuarios)

ANTIQUARIS - Barcelona, BRAFA - Brussels, Cultures - The World Arts Fair - Brussels, FERIARTE - Madrid, Winter B Sablon - Brussels,