Thanks in part to the organization of the 'Scriptura Sales', a renowned event in the world of comic book collecting, the gallery has offered its clients some of the best original drawings and collectibles for over twenty five years. Their focus is on the ‘Ecole Belge’ or ‘Ecole de Bruxelles’ (Le Journal de Tintin) and the ‘Ecole de Marcinelle’ (Le Journal de Spirou). For this edition of BRAFA, in addition to original drawings and remarkable collector’s pieces by George Remi, known as HERGÉ, Bernard Soetens is presenting original compositions by outstanding authors either from or published in Belgium such as Franquin, EP Jacobs, Vandersteen, Peyo, Jacques Martin, Tardi and Hugo Pratt. By presenting these major achievements of the 9th Art at BRAFA 2017 and 2018 and giving talks at locations such as the Yacht Club in Monaco in 2017, Bernard Soetens aims to give collectors the criteria they need to identify the highest quality pieces available on the market, enabling them to build the best collections possible for future generations.