For the past 25 years, Bernard Soetens has pursued his career as an expert - dealer in original drawings and collector's comics in parallel with his activities as an international banker, which, fifteen years ago, led him for five years at Banco Urquijo in Madrid, as a member of the Executive Committee. Currently, Bernard Soetens is considered as one of the greatest international experts specialized in Hergé's graphic work. On the basis of this dual competence and through the conferences he presented at the Yacht Club de Monaco, among others, Bernard Soetens aims to give new collectors and investors in the 9th Art the objective criteria that make it possible to identify the best Collectors still available on the market and thus to build up in a family way an artistic heritage for future generations.
For this Brafa 2019, Bernard Soetens has decided to propose a set of three original great drawings by Hergé concerning two emblematic adventures of Tintin in the Middle East. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing of Apollo 11, this set will be completed with several unique small boards ‘Making Of’ from Tintin's adventure ‘On a Marché sur la Lune’. There will be also about ten large original plates of the adventures of ‘Corto Maltese’ and ‘Rasputin’ drawn by Hugo Pratt and published in albums in Belgium. Aware of the development of the 9th Art among new collectors and investors in Europe during Brafa 2019, Bernard Soetens will be able to give visitors his explanations and comments in the six languages he speaks fluently, including Spanish, German and Russian.