Librairie Chamonal-Atlas of China


Atlas of China

Blaeu's maps were engraved after the drawings and notes of Father Martino Martini (1614-1661), a Jesuit missionary who arrived in China in 1642, amassing rare books and maps dating as far back as the 1300s. A preface recounts how he acquired the maps.

His descriptions of China and Japan comprise the text of the atlas, and in addition to the general map of China, 15 maps of its various provinces and a map of Japan, all in contemporary colouring highlighted by gum.

There are also geographic descriptions of the 15 Chinese provinces and those of Japan; a catalogue of latitudes and longitudes for important Chinese cities; a supplement to the geographic description by Jacob Golius (De Regno Catayo) and a history of the Tartar war.

Second edition, published the same year as the first (1655)

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