Boon Gallery-Jean-Michel Basquiat


Tesla vs Edison
Jean-Michel Basquiat (Brooklyn 1960-1988 Soho)
American school
Charcoal and oil stick on paper
32 x 43,5 cm
Executed in 1983
Certificate of authenticity by Basquiat comittee, 1997, n° 60205
This drawing illustrates the fierce struggle engaged between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, a scientific genius, the pioneer of alternating current 
Provenance: private collection, Europe; Thomas Gallery, Munich; Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, 1999; Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, 1998; Neuman collection, USA, 1997; Pierre Nouvion Gallery, Monaco, 1992; Anina Nosei Gallery, New York
Literature: Gagosian Gallery, 'Jean-Michel Basquiat: Paintings & Drawings, 1980-1988', Beverly Hills, 1998, n° 24, ill.; ‘Hospice Comtesse’ museum,'Secrets de Collections Lilloises', Lille, 2007, p. 47, ill.