Klaas Muller

Diana and Nymphs hunting Deer

Diana and Nymphs hunting deer
Pieter Paul Rubens (Siegen 1577-1640 Antwerp)
Paul de Vos (Hulst circa 1591-1678 Antwerp)
Jan Wildens (Antwerp, 1585-1653)
Oil on canvas
155 x 199 cm
Professor Arnout Balis recognized the figures after a thoroughly research as authentically and fully made by Rubens. The animals are painted by Paul De Vos and the landscape by Jan Wildens (September 2016). The painting formed a pair with a ‘Calydonian Boar Hunt’ (lost or whereabouts unknown), made by Rubens and Frans Snyders. Both works were possibly commanded by Gian Francesco Guido di Bagno (1578-1641), the papal nuncio in the Netherlands
The painting can be dated between 1635 and 1640, during Rubens last years
Provenance: probably from the Gian Francesco Guido di Bagno (1578-1641) collection; Marchese Ferdinando de Conti Guidi di Bagno, circa 1730; probably from the Pierre Smits collection, Antwerp; Vente Fiévez (Brussels, 1936, lot n° 180 as Rubens); Baron Greindl (his auction, Van Herck, 1975)
Literature: A. Balis, Hunting Scenes, Corpus Rubenianum, L. Burchard, Vol II, Oxford 1986, cat. n° 17; J.A. Welu, The collector’s Cabinet: Flemish paintings from New England private collections, Worcester 1983, cat. n° 38

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